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The MODE object is a grouping object.

It is used to collect and tie together several state machine objects. The only objects that can be tied together with a MODE object are the STATE and EVENT objects.

Code Generation

The MODE object has several properties associated with it which are used to guide the code generator during the code generation phase. These properties are accessed via the MODE settings object dialog.

These properties are:

  • Mode ID
  • Event Queue Name
  • Event Queue Size
  • Mode specific user supplied initialisation code
Queues may be shared between MODE objects by specifying the same queue name for each of the MODE objects that is to share that queue. Events that are sent to a queue are seen by ALL state machines that share that queue. An event is not consumed until all state machines that share a queue have seen the event sent to that queue.

Adding MODE Objects To A Design

Normally the MODE object is copied from the template window to the drawing window, placed over the STATE and EVENT objects which need to be collected into one state machine then bound to those objects (the objects are in turn added to it using the objects add to group function or gather function)

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