Accessing simulated special registers

Accessing simulated special registers is similar to accessing normal registers (RAM) except that the address of these registers cannot be calculated i.e. it is not possible to access any of these registers by specifying a memory address (or register number). To access any of these special registers the register must be explicitly specified by name.

The syntax is identical to that used to access any other register:

		to access the W register the syntax is

(see .xcsim for further information regarding accessing simulation data)
The following simulated special registers are recognised:
All of these registers (with the exception of RET_STK_PTR) can be specified in either upper or lower case. Trying to access registers relative to any of these special registers will have no effect. The result will be to access the nominated special register and the offset will be discarded.
		[{W}][15] is equivalent to [{W}]
To access stack relative data use the [{RET_STK}] reference not [{RET_STK_PTR}]