The .limits keyword is used to define the address limits of the current section
	.limits	[<lower_limit> ,] <upper_limit>


The .limits keyword cannot be preceaded by a label
	.sect	fred
	.limits	0x10
Note that if the .limits statement is used with only one argument, that argument is taken to be the upper limit and the lower limit defaults to zero. If the .limits statement is used with two argumants then the first argument is the lower limit and the second argument is the upper limit.

Warnings concerning code or data placed outside the limits are only issued once per active section. This prevents the programmer being swampped by error messages. If a new section is activated which already contains a limit error any new violation of the limits will be treated as a new error and the programmer will be notified again. The prevents limit errors going unnoticed when many sections are used.