Define the order in which sections should be grouped

The .group keyword is used to define the order in which sections are emited by the assembler. Several sections can be combined into a single group and several groups can overlap (necessary for systems that have seperate code and data spaces or use paged memory)

	.group	<group_name> [, <section_name> [, <section_name> [, <section_name> ...]]]


The .group keyword cannot be preceaded by a label
	.group	fred		; this is legal

bert	.group	fred		; this is illegal

The following example shows how to define three groups

        .group  group1, sect1, sect2, sect3, sect4      ; group 1
        .group  group2, sectA, sectB                    ; group 2
        .group  group3, sectW, sectX, sectY             ; group 3

A much more detailed explanation of how groups are used is given here